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נוער מ"תגלית" בסדנת מנהיגות בנאות קדומים



Shorashim - Israel with Israelis
Neot Kedumim Reflection - Robyn Smith
Every Tu B’Shevat, Jewish schools and organizations across the US receive the Jewish National Fund (JNF) tree-planting packets...s



'11 Rubin Israel Experience
Day 1: Shalom from Israel
After touching down at Ben Gurion International, the group was greeted by our tour guide Amir, who took us to our first destination in Israel, Neot Kedumim, which translates to "Beauties of Ancient Times."...


Camp Tel Yehudah
Rethinking the Nature of Camp
When I first learned of the Leadership Seminar in Israel offered to the Leadership Team at Tel Yehudah, I was very excited, and for good reason...s


The Jewish Fedetation of Greater Washington

Day 1: VIDEO: Herding Goats & Sheep
Believe it or not this was part of our leadership training...s


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